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“I probably know over a hundred gay men (and a few gay women) who are or were in mixed-orientation marriages (including myself). The only ones who made it past the fifteen year mark did so with tremendous self-sacrifice and considerable angst and unhappiness.  I’ve been incredibly lucky in that my ex has been understanding and supportive. We’re still best friends. But even so, coming out and navigating the end of a marriage has been difficult and painful for everyone involved. I cannot recommend mixed-orientation marriage as a viable solution for any gay man or woman, no matter the apparent (ten-year) “success” of a couple featured in a news piece.”

 —Scott Nicholson

“Yay Lana! Thank you for openness and I can hardly wait for the new movie!”

—Jen Killpack, supporting newly out transgender director Lana Wachowski

“Am I reading correctly? He supports a constitutional amendment banning abortion, opposes equal marriage (but is for civil unions), supported the repeal of DADT, has vowed to veto any funding for Planned Parenthood, says would want to appoint anti-choice judges but wouldn’t oppose a litmus test. It seems to me that calling on him is pushing it, especially if you are female or gay.”

—Kevin Boyer, on Jon Huntsman being honored at the Equality Utah Allies Dinner

“It’s really too bad for those that invested in the Chick-fil-A franchise that aren’t bigoted homophobes. Bad investment. I’ll never step foot in a Chick-fil-A and encourage all not to do so.”

—Bryan Payne

“Sometimes, I’m ashamed to be a human being. There is no excuse for denigrating anyone. Why is it so hard to see that it doesn’t matter the political orientation, sexual orientation, gender, shade or location? A human is a human. News flash to the heterosexuals – I, as a heterosexual, have hugged and kissed gay and lesbian people before. I have not contracted cooties, my skin hasn’t fallen off, and my eyes haven’t burst into flames inside my skull.”

— Charyl Schlayer

“Very cool. I like that his personal experience was shared, as well as some of the statistics on risks for sex workers. I love that you are getting this article out there, and commend Jose for this intimate perspective!”

—Nikita, on a story about a Craigslist prostitute

“That’s fine, as long as there will be a removal of straight parents from gay kids.”

—Aaron Michael Woods, on a conservative call to have all kids taken from gay couples

“I hope the employee that did this is man or woman enough to take the credit and that UDOT subsequently handles this appropriately.”

—Sarah Elizabeth Lundquist, on a construction sign being altered to an anti-gay message

“Knowing UDOT, it wasn’t an employee, it was probably lax security on the sign (not changing the default password so just anyone can change it).”

—Michael Gawthrop-Hutchins, on a construction sign being altered to an anti-gay message

“Why does this not surprise me?”

—Trish Akpan, on a construction sign being altered to an anti-gay message

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