Save Q Campaign down to 3 days

QSaltLake has 3 days to finish raising enough to cover their balloon payment on the loan taken out to start the magazine. Originally, the magazine needed $40,000, but is currently down to needing roughly $18,000. Over $7,000 has been raised in the past few days.
“I’m very hopeful we will get over this hurdle,” said Michael Aaron, publisher. “We started out strong and we are finishing up strong.”
QSaltLake made several changes over the year to overcome market realities as advertisers pulled back in hard economic times. The publication is now printed monthly and in a smaller, magazine format. The pages per month remain about the same and distribution was increased by 50%.
Advertisers are telling the staff that they are receiving greater response to their advertising and readers are appreciating the deeper level of content and the more “edgy” content as well.
“We are in a great position to continue publishing for the foreseeable future,” Aaron said. “Of course, this hurdle has us scrambling.”
To donate to the publication and for more information, go to saveq.org.

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