Best of Craigslist missed connections

Cute guy on campus – m4m (29)

So, on Tuesday, Sept. 11, I was walking out when you were walking in. I was talking with a friend — she is short with dark hair. I saw you (very attractive guy) and you saw me. We made eye contact and then you looked away. You then looked back at me and saw that I was still looking at you. You’re so hot! I gave you a little smile. I would love to meet you. I would have stopped to talk, but I had to go with my friend to an appointment. If you think this is you, write me and tell me what building it was and about what time it was. I know it a long shot, but I’ll give it a try.

Emma Stone look-alike at Sugar House Coffee — w4w (30)

You’re a beautiful blonde working at Sugar House Coffee. I was probably staring at you when I came in — but only from admiration. You’re probably straight (bi here) but I had to say something. I’m small with pink hair and glasses. You are sweet and lovely.

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