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Pocatello working on anti-bias measure

The Pocatello, Idaho City Council is beginning efforts to draft a nondiscrimination ordinance to protect against bias based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The effort is being backed by various faith groups, the League of Women Voters and other individuals and organizations. The ordinance would mirror similar laws passed in cities, counties and states around the nation. Much like Utah, Idaho does not have statewide protections against bias. The ordinance will most likely be read, discussed and voted on in November.

Google goes bi

Since 2009 the word “bisexual,” was blacklisted by Google as a so-called dirty word. Along with other banned terms, it was deprioritized by the Google search algorithm. This led to a drop in search rankings for bisexual organizations and resources. But now, Google is finally acknowledging there’s more to bisexuality than porn and is removing the word from the list of dirty words.

DADT repeal had no affect on soldiers

One year after the repeal of the ban on gay and lesbian service members serving openly was lifted, the first academic study found no lasting effects. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell had been the U.S. policy since 1993, and a year after it was removed, no effects on troop readiness, recruiting efforts or unit cohesion have been registered. The study was conducted by the Williams Institute at University of California Los Angeles Law School.


Minnesota voters split on gay marriage ban

Minnesota voters will decide this November if they want to insert language into the state constitution banning gay marriage. Much like Utah’s Amendment 3, Minnesota is not deciding whether or not to legalize gay marriage, but to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Gay marriage is already illegal, but marriage equality opponents say they fear a court decision could overturn the law.

Producer faces jail time for gay-themed play in Uganda

The British producer of Uganda’s first gay-themed play faces a possible two-year jail sentence. David Cecil was the producer of The River and the Mountain, which had a short, six-day run in Kampala in August. However, he did not obtain the proper clearance from the media council before staging the play, despite warnings from local officials. He was arrested and had his passport removed for violating an order.

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