Chick-fil-A finds loophole in pledge to cease anti-gay fundraising

Although Chick-fil-A recently announced a new policy on not donating to political campaigns, it appears the fast-food chain has already found a loophole. Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy tweeted a photo on Sept. 28 from the 2012 WinShape Ride for the Family with the caption, “WinShape Ride for the Family bikers locked and loaded for 200 mile ride to Wilmington out of Charleston.”

The ride is a fundraiser for the Marriage and Family Foundation, but instead of having registration fees sent to Chick-fil-A, riders were asked to send checks directly to the MFF in Atlanta. Registration is $3,500 for each individual or couple. Sponsorship packages also include $5,000, $10,000 and $15,000 options. The Chick-fil-A logo accompanies the documentation, but it’s unclear exactly where funds are being used.

The MFF is a group focusing on helping build stronger relationships and avoiding divorce – but only hetero relationships.

Earlier this week Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno said he received a letter from Chick-fil-A promising the company’s charitable branch would no longer fund political groups, including anti-gay organizations.

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