Gay Utahns sought for survey to lift blood donation ban

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The National Center for Health Statistics is looking to interview gay men over the age of 18 as part of a research program to overturn the ban on gay men from donating blood. The NCHS is looking for gay men who have ever thought about giving blood, have been deferred from giving blood for any reason, or who have successfully given blood in the past, to test questions that are asked of potential blood donors before they donate, such as medical history, sexual history, current medications and travel history.

The survey will be no longer than 60 minutes and participants will receive $50. Interviews will be conducted in Salt Lake City between Oct. 2-10 at the Utah Pride Center, 355 N. 300 West.

If gay men who have not had sexual contact for the past 12 months were allowed to donate blood, more than 53,000 additional men would likely make more than 89,000 donations, according to a recent University of California Los Angeles study. Blood banks experiencing shortages could be significantly aided by these additions.

For more information, or to schedule an interview, please call Liz at 301-458-4676.

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  1. What are the hours to contact Liz at that number. I am willing to donate, am healthy – but diabetic. Would my blood be any good to you? Another issue of my donating blood has been my daily medications. I am also have anti-convulsive medication that has prevented me from donating in the past, even before I knew I was diabetic, OR had come out of the closet.

  2. I give blood all the time! … I usually do double-reds when I do! … I am also diabetic, so I don't see what the issue would be that would prevent you for giving blood if you want to! … but then again I am not an authority on the subject!

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