Kamas man charged with anti-gay hate crime

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A Kamas man was arrested for an assault on a gay couple and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office has charged him with hate crime charges.

Summit County deputies responded to reports of an altercation at a Kamas home, Oct. 16, and found three men requiring medical attention after sustaining cuts and bruises.

After the police interviewed the three men, 40-year-old Travis Gentry was arrested and booked into the Summit County jail for assault and a hate crime.

The two victims told deputies they knew Gentry and the three were working on Gentry’s property. According to investigators, Gentry saw the two in a “romantic encounter” in a shed on Gentry’s property and Gentry began assaulting them and calling them derogatory, anti-gay names.

Summit County Detective Sgt. Ron Bridge said that Gentry made derogatory comments during and after the attack.

“That is why it is being called a hate crime,” Bridge told The Park Record. “I think that it being a hate crime is paramount in this investigation.”

Summit County officials say that Gentry had been charged with violent assaults, burglary and theft three times this year.

Summit County Justice Court Judge Shauna Kerr set a cash-only bail for in the amount of $25,000 and Gentry is currently being held in the Summit County jail.

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