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Christian group pushes to overturn nondiscrimination

The Nebraska Heritage Coalition is leading a bid to overturn a pro-gay bill in Omaha. The city council narrowly passed a nondiscrimination bill in March, which prohibits discrimination in the workplace and housing based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Pastors at local congregations are encouraging parishioners to sign a petition to bring the issue to a ballot referendum.  Rev. Mark Ashton told The Associated Press, “I’d encourage every registered voter who lives within the City of Omaha and follows Jesus to sign your name.”

FRC wants more hatred in the pews

After a new study was released showing that one-in-five Americans are not religiously affiliated, the anti-gay Family Research Council released a statement claiming authority as to why the drop in religiousness. The statement says churches that accept gays and lesbians, or do not regularly condemn homosexuality, will continue to face dwindling numbers. The statement reads, “It’s time to push back on the spin that’s feeding our weak brethren who say that compromising truth in pursuit of love is the way to reach the lost.”

Gay athletes face more harassment

Student athletes who identify as gay or bisexual are more frequently harassed than their straight counterparts, according to a new study conducted by Campus Pride. Negative comments can affect athletic performance and academic development. The study polled more than 8,400 students from universities around the nation. The report also found that harassment from teammates, administrators and coaches was most prevalent.


Men may be able to reproduce through stem cells

Men may be able to create an egg out of their own stem cells without the use of a female donor according to new advances made in the science by a Japanese laboratory. Unlike surrogacy, the child would be born with the DNA of both parents. The bio-engineered eggs were fertilized in-vitro with sperm created from stem cells as well, and then implanted in test mice. The pregnancy produced healthy mice, and so far, this accomplishment is a rousing success.

Pro athletes are pro-equality surveyed pro athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB to ask about where players stood on issues, including marriage equality. Overall, the players voiced support of same-sex marriage, 59.3 percent to 40.7 percent. Baseball and basketball players were more anti-equality than other leagues. Hockey and football were the most supportive sports.

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