McAdams, other local allies win races

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With marriage equality legalized in three states and a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage defeated, queer rights advocates around the nation are celebrating this year’s election results. Locally, there were many queer allies elected, including Democrat Ben McAdams, who will be the next Salt Lake County Mayor.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Matheson narrowly defeated Mia Love in Utah’s 4th Congressional District. Matheson beat Love 49.34 to 48.06 percent, a 2,818 vote difference. Love refused to answer questions about her stances on queer rights, although she did voice support for re-instating the military’s ban on gay and lesbian service members.

Equality Utah, the state’s leading queer rights organization, endorsed 44 candidates and 20 of the contested candidates won, while 21 lost. Three of the races were uncontested, bringing the success rate to 49 percent.

Brandie Balken, executive director of Equality Utah, hailed the election as a success and said McAdams’ victory was particularly encouraging.

“We have some great reasons to be excited and optimistic about the upcoming legislative session,” she said. “I think nondiscrimination is becoming much less of a partisan issue. All signs point to a very positive outcome next year.”

The following is a list of Equality Utah’s endorsed candidates and the results of the races:

U.S. Senate

Scott Howell (D): Loss, 65 to 30 percent

U.S. House

Soren Simonsen (D), U.S. Congress, District 3: Loss, 76 to 23 percent

Jay Seegmiller (D), U.S. Congress, District 2: Loss, 62 to 33 percent

Utah State House of Representatives

Angela Romero (D), District 26, Salt Lake City: Win, 65 to 28 percent

Brian King (D), District 28, Salt Lake City: Win, 67 to 32 percent

Carol Spackman Moss (D), District 37, Salt Lake City: Win, 52 to 47 percent

Jen Seelig (D), District 23, Salt Lake City: Win, 68 to 31 percent

Joel Briscoe (D), District 25, Salt Lake City: Win, 89 to 18 percent

Larry Wiley (D), District 31, West Valley City: Win, 51 to 48 percent

Lynn Hemingway (D), District 40, Salt Lake City: Win, 69 to 39 percent

Marie Poulson(D), District 46, Cottonwood Heights: Win, 54 to 45 percent

Mark Wheatley (D), District 35, Murray: Win, 53 to 39 percent

Patrice Arent (D), District 36, Salt Lake City: Win, 60 to 39 percent

Rebecca Chavez-Houck (D), District 24, Salt Lake City: Win, 70 to 29 percent

Tim Cosgrove (D), District 44, Murray: Win, 56 to 41 percent

Jeff Bell (D), District 43, West Jordan: Loss, 40 to 59 percent

Kenny Barlow (Libertarian), District 59, Orem: Loss, 7 to 85 percent

Liz Muniz (D), District 33, West Valley City: Loss, 48 to 51 percent

Neil Hansen (D), District 9, Ogden: Loss, 39 to 60 percent

Pam Udy (D), District 11, South Weber: Loss, 68 to 31 percent

Barbara Eubanks (D), District 39, Taylorsville: Loss, 39 to 60 percent

Benjamin Pales (D), District 12, Roy: Loss, 27 to 72 percent

Brent Holloway (D), District 62, Washington County: Loss, 26 to 73 percent

Celina Milner (D), District 34, Taylorsville: Loss, 47 to 52 percent

Daniel Paget (D), District 52, South Jordan: Loss, 72 to 22 percent

Heidi Bitton (D), District 29, West Valley City: Loss, 79 to 20 percent

Tom Nedreberg (D), District 68, Tooele: Loss, 18 to 74 percent

Utah State Senate

Luz Robles (D), District 1, Salt Lake City: Win, 55 to 42 percent

John Rendell (D), District 6, West Jordan: Loss, 39 to 68 percent

Josie Valdez (D), District 8, Midvale: Loss, 43 to 56 percent

Peter Clemens (D), District 19, Ogden: Loss, 33 to 60 percent


Ben McAdams (D), Salt Lake County Mayor: Win, 55 to 45 percent

Jim Bradley (D), Salt Lake County Council at Large C: Win, 55 to 45 percent

Roger Armstrong (D), Summit County Council A: Win, 50 to 49 percent

Chris White (D), Washington County Commissioner: Loss, 24 to 75 percent

Paul Recanzone (D), Salt Lake County Council 5: Loss, 38 to 61 percent

School Board

Barbara T. Beckstrom, Washington County District 1: Win, 62 to 37 percent

Heather Bennett, Salt Lake City District 5: Win, 79 to 20 percent

Michael Clara, Salt Lake City District 2: Win, 62 to 37 percent

Tania Knauer, Park City School District 3: Win, 52 to 47 percent

Amanda Thorderson, Salt Lake City: Loss, 49 to 50 percent

Moe Huckey, Park City District 1: Win, ran unopposed

Kristi Swett, Salt Lake City District 7: Win, ran unopposed

Nancy Joy Garrison, Park City School District 2: Win, ran unopposed

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