10 things we heard

“Think of where we were just 8 years ago, when Utah and nine other states passed anti-marriage amendments — or only four years ago when California passed Proposition 8. The road is long, but we are winning, and winning faster than anyone could have thought.”

—Matthew Andrus

“How are we to question God’s creations when he made people with their own specific sexuality. We really need to make a distinction between Gods’ laws and mans laws. The nature versus nurture conversation needs to be embraced and not ignored as it usually is in all churches.”

—Carlos Blanco

“It’s so interesting how many members of all these modern Christian religions have so many ways to deprive someone of his or her own freedoms and hide it under the guise of doctrine. Damn, I’m sure glad I’m not a Christian!”

—Paul Lortz

“People are leaving religion because they need more in their lives than hatred.”

—Jim Platt

“Few remember that Coming Out Day sprung from the 1987 March on Washington.”

—Ben Williams

“Progress is now being made by the voters for our Marriage Equality.”

—Mark Swonson

“I am so proud to have family in Maine.”

—Debora Hammond

“Marriage is not ‘natural’ it has been created by humans.”

—Sacha Brombosz

“If NOM should’ve learned anything, it’s that love always wins. It won in not just one state, but in three. America has seen and heard our voice and it’s only going to get louder.”

—Randy Bodily

“Since NOM and the LDS Church were not broadcasting the screeching fear campaigns this year, the people had a chance to think rationally.”

—John Schild

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