Best of Craigslist missed connections

Cable guy — M4M

You came to fix my Internet. There was something about you that really got me excited as you were crawling around on the floor and I was sitting at my desk. There were so many hot thoughts that I would have like to have played out. Let me know if you would consider a return appointment. Tell me what you fixed and what you helped yourself to on your way out.

Young guy at City Creek Gym — M4M

I’ve seen you a lot at the gym, mostly working out, but one day I did see you undress (Wow!). Today you were working out alone and the tall, thin guy wasn’t there with you. You kept coming over to the water fountain. I wanted to say hello, but I’m a bit shy since you are younger than me and most likely are not interested. If you are, let me know where I was when you went to the water fountain.

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