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Colorado elects gay speaker

Democrats took control of Colorado’s State House of Representatives and have elected an openly gay man as House speaker. Democratic lawmakers will choose Denver Rep. Mark Ferrandino as speaker when they reconvene in January and Republicans ratify the choice. Last spring, Democrats tried to pass a civil unions bill, but were blocked by Republicans in the House. Ferrandino co-sponsored the bill and vowed to bring it back when the session resumes. In the 1992 election, Colorado citizens passed an amendment to their constitution banning any protections for, “homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual orientation, conduct, or relationships.” It was struck down as unconstitutional.

Philadelphia gets queer-friendly senior-living complex

Philadelphia will be home to a $19.5 million, six-story apartment complex of 56 one-bedroom units that will house queer seniors. The building will be in the heart of the city’s “gayborhood” and will provide a location for queer and queer-friendly seniors. It will also feature a courtyard and retail space.


‘Ex-gay’ pastor charged with sexual abuse

A Minnesota pastor who specialized in so-called “ex-gay” therapy has been charged with assaulting two men while counseling them about their “homosexual tendencies.” Ryan Jay Muehlhauser, 55, was arrested and charged on eight counts of felony sex abuse. Investigators told NBC2 that one victim claims he met Muehlhauser two years ago at an event held by Outpost Ministries, an “ex-gay” group. The victim told police Muehlhauser “blessed” him by cupping his genitals several times. He asked the victim to arouse himself and said it was for “spiritual strength.” The victim also claims Muehlhauser would have him strip naked and masturbate while the pastor prayed.

Hate-group leader promises ‘revolution’

If the Supreme Court strikes down the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act, one hate-group leader is promising a revolution. Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins said not only would the decision “break this nation apart,” but that it would spark a revolution. Perkins was responding to an article in the Chicago Times that said the recent electoral victories for marriage equality could affect the Supreme Court’s decision. DOMA is being appealed to the nation’s high court after being struck down by several federal courts.


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