‘Tis the season to re-stock the underwear drawer

From jocks to soccer briefs, Timoteo has an impressive selection of sexy, stylish and comfortable underwear. We spoke with Timeoteo spokesperson Joel Johnston about underwear trends and how to best fit style to body size and type. Timoteo is distributed at Spark/Cockers, 602 E. 500 South, and Mischievous, 559 S. 300 West. Also available online at

Are there any new or interesting trends this season in men’s underwear?

Fit and color is the trend.  Guys want to know their underwear fits well.  If it doesn’t fit well, it’s thrown in the trash.  We fit guys all over the world and constantly hear back how great our fit feels.  Color, color, color! Guys want color in their underwear drawer.  From pink to purple to fuchsia, guys love color this season. Bright blue and electric green colors are king.

Are there any styles (box cut, bikini cut, etc.) that are more popular this season? 

Our Super Low Brief, our Athlete Jock Brief and our Scout Brief are hands-down the best styles for 2012 and already pre-ordered in new colors for 2013.

Do you have any advice for our larger, more full-figured men on underwear shopping? Any particular styles or colors?

Guys of any size can pull off any style of underwear.  If they feel comfortable wearing it and they like the way they look, then we support their choice to wear it proud.  Our boxer brief tends to sell to a guy with a larger frame.

What would be a good Timoteo option for our readers that would like to emphasize their asses? Any particular styles or cuts?

Timoteo has two styles that are the very best way to show off your “ass-ets.” The Athlete Jock Brief is a very comfortable jock brief that frames your backside in the most flattering way.  The body is a traditional low-rise brief and the back is cut out to give the body the feel and structure of a jock.

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