Salt Lake City receives B+ in new HRC report

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Salt Lake City received a passing grade for queer inclusivity according to a new report by the Human Rights Campaign. The first-ever report from the HRC ranks municipalities around the nation on protections for queer residents, including domestic partnership registries, nondiscrimination ordinances and other factors. Salt Lake City was the only Utah city ranked, and scored 87 out of 100 points.

“While many U.S. cities lag behind in protections for LGBT people, some of the most LGBT-friendly policies in the country have been innovated and implemented at the municipal level, including in states with laws that are unfriendly to the LGBT community,” an HRC press release read.

There were several cities with a perfect score, including San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle. Utah’s 87 percent ranking was higher than nearby cities, and neighboring states did not fare as well. Boise, Idaho received a paltry 26 percent ranking and Cheyenne, Wyoming received only a 2 percent ranking.

To read the full report, go here.

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  1. A lot of that is kind of bogus… really, a domestic partner registry earns as many points as having full marriage equality? Reporting hate crimes to the FBI was worth 10% of the overall grade, how is that supposed to show how inclusive a community is? I understand the importance, but 10% of the total grade just for that? Yet the anti-bullying is only worth 3% of the overall score? I'd think that is much more important to inclusivity that the community has. I'm thinking HRC knew what scores they wanted cities to get and made the criteria to match.

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