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Radio hosts suspended for anti-transgender rant

Two ESPN Radio hosts sparked outrage after saying transgender people shouldn’t be allowed to play sports. Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin were suspended after going on a rant against trans college basketball player Gabrielle Ludwig. During the broadcast, Czaban said, “Whatever you’ve got to do to scratch that inner itch and quell those inner demons, that’s fine. But don’t go playing sports then. And don’t go playing sports saying ‘but I’ve got the rights of everyone else’.”

The hosts also mocked Ludwig’s appearance and referred to using the pronouns “he/she” and “it.” ESPN released a statement condemning the hosts and announced their indefinite suspension.

“We strongly believe two of our employees crossed the line when discussing a transsexual person on their program last Thursday. Such intolerance and insensitivity will never be tolerated by this company,” the statement read.

Anti-queer hate crimes on the rise

The number of hate crimes reported has decreased by 6 percent since 2010, while anti-queer violence increased by 2.6 percent, according to a new FBI report.  Of the 6,222 hate crimes reported in 2011, 1,508 were based on sexual orientation or gender identity, up from 1,470 in 2010. Approximately 20 percent of all hate crimes were motivated by sexual orientation or gender identity, according to the report. Men were more often victims than women.

There were 68 hate crimes reported in Utah, 14 of which were motivated by sexual orientation, according to the report.


Uruguay on track to legalize marriage equality

The Uruguay House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. The measure will move to the senate where it is likely to pass with a large majority. Lawmakers in the House overwhelmingly approved of the measure which also clarifies rules for adoption and in-vitro fertilization. The bill removes gender-specific phrasing from marriage contracts. Uruguay is on track to become the second South American country to legalize gay marriage, following in neighboring Argentina’s footsteps. 

Bisexual singer lands 6 Grammy nominations

Bisexual hip-hop star Frank Ocean leads the Grammy pack this year with six nominations, including record of the year and best new artist. Mumford & Sons, fun., The Black Keys, Jay-Z and Kanye West are also nominated for six awards each. Ocean made a splash when he came out as bisexual shortly before releasing his new album, channel ORANGE.

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