Podcast to be launched to help family, friends of LGBTs

After her son came out as gay while in college, Leesa Myers said she felt devastated that he didn’t feel safe sooner. Myers is a local activist and queer-rights advocate. However, when her son first told her he was gay, she said she wasn’t sure what to do. She was not nearly as familiar with the gay community as she is now.

After researching, reading and being involved in various groups, Myers is on a path to help other family members and friends of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Her regular column, A Mom’s View, appears monthly in QSaltLake, and after just a few issues, is generating a lot of positive feedback.

But she’s not stopping with her print edition. She’s taking her column to the airwaves and launching a podcast to tell the stories of families with LGBT members.

“I think we connect to stories so much more than just information. We’ll have guests come on and talk about their experiences and we’ll find examples that will be able to help others in creating safe places for LGBT family members,” Myers said.

The podcast will be aimed at conservative and liberal alike and will be a resource for families who have recently found out they have an LGBT member, as well as for those who are a little more experienced within the community.

“I want to be able to create resources so that when you come out to your family you will be able to direct them to the podcast. We’ll use other people’s experiences to help your family,” Myers said.

While her podcast is being launched, Myers is seeking support in an Indiegogo campaign to help cover startup expenses.

“I am so grateful to anyone who helps get this project going. I think it’s such an important cause,” she said.

To find out more about the podcast or to make a donation, go to indiegogo.com.momsview.

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