Gay Salt Lake couple victims of murder-suicide

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UPDATE: Salt Lake City police released the names of the men as Andre Pappas, 70, and Theodore Beehakis, 67.

Salt Lake City Medical Examiner’s Office has determined that a 70-year-old man killed his 67-year-old domestic partner and then himself on Friday, Jan. 4.

Salt Lake City Police Department officers and fire personnel responded to the house at 1011 S. 400 East on a welfare check just after 10 a.m. Friday after a hospice worker was unable to reach them by phone. They were last seen alive on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

Police say no note was left and that the department has never before been called to the home. They are not calling their deaths suspicious.

Neighbors said the couple has lived in the house for more than 20 years and that the men took care of each other.

The couple’s names have not been released as police seek to locate next-of-kin for both men.

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  1. Wow. The only older guy I know that lives in that area is single as far as I knew.

  2. A little sad. I think they were both aware of what they were doing just out of virtue that a "hospice worker" was involved. Bravo to them for at least doing what they felt was the dignified way out.

  3. Although I am the younger (by 9 years) partner in a 16 year relationship, I really hope I go first. Either way, I will be creamated and placed inside the coffin of my partner (who will not be creamated due to his out of date belief in a religion). I'd really prefer to have out ashes mixed together so when the end of the earth arrives, the atoms that made up our cells could be near each other.

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