National Stonewall Democrats on hiatus due to budget shortfall

According to executive director Jerame Davis in an interview with the Dallas Voice, the National Stonewall Democrats is now “on hiatus” effective Jan. 1 because of a $30,000 budget shortfall.

“It’s likely our office will be closed for most of this year,” Davis, who will stay on as an unpaid volunteer, told the Voice.

Local chapters, like the Utah Stonewall Democrats, will continue to operate normally.

Davis warned members in an email in December that the organization was facing a $30,000 deficit and might be forced to close if the money was not raised.

Davis became executive director in December 2011, inheriting the organization’s debt.

Davis said that funding comes through memberships paid to local chapters, which are to pass on $10 each to the national organization. He said that many chapters are not passing those monies on.

He also said that many donors were tapped this year because of the expensive presidential race and other local candidates.

The group has been hoping for an “angel” to step in since he made the members aware, but that has not yet happened.

The group has a Washington, D.C. office, which Davis will stay through the end of the month.

“We have a plan to make a comeback,” he said. “This is a rebuilding year.”

That plan includes new board elections.

Davis feels there is a great need for the national Democratic group, especially in light of the to vocal gay conservative groups, the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud.

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