Baskit styles for the winter

It’s cold outside but Baskit Underwear is keeping  it nice and steamy inside. We caught up with designer Eric Schwers to chat about what’s hot this winter in men’s underwear styles. To purchase Baskit styles, go to  Spark/Cockers, 550 S. 700 East or

Are there any new trends this winter in men’s underwear? 

Winter trends tend to bring out union suits, darker colors and heavier fabrics. We see an uptick in sales for our boxer briefs and boxer shorts. Industry-wide right now we’re seeing some basic trending toward wider waistbands, cotton blends and the use of primary colors. Our guys want underwear that is functional and über-masculine.

Are there any styles (box cut, bikini cut, etc.) that are more popular this season? 

In our segment, we’re seeing a general trend with guys buying styles with a longer leg — so trunks and boxer briefs. This has been happening for the last few seasons. We’re also seeing a reemergence of the boxer short. We just released our Active Boxer short styled after the traditional boxing shorts worn by boxers in the ring and it has been incredibly popular. Our version is made from a super soft modal blend and it’s stylized a bit so it fits a little tighter than a regular boxer short.

Do you have any advice for our larger, more full-figured men on underwear shopping? Any particular styles or colors? 

Don’t just buy underwear without some thought. First and foremost, it’s important to buy styles that you will be comfortable wearing; not only from a fit/physical comfort perspective but also from a mental perspective. Are you going to be comfortable being seen in certain style or color? If not, think twice before you buy several pairs. Having said that, a new style or color can be good for you too. It can be the thing that drives you to meet your fitness goals or become more outgoing or give you a bit of courage. I have several pairs of underwear in my drawer that I do not wear on a daily basis. I use them for a purpose. I wear our active low-rise trunk when I go running.

What would be a good Baskit option for our readers that would like to emphasize their asses? Any particular styles or cuts? 

Well, if you really want to show off your butt, our original JockBrief is a sure bet. This is a style we developed in 2009 and it has been copied by almost every other brand since then. It’s a brief in the front and a jock in the back so your ‘Netherlands’ are left out in the open. In terms of a more traditional style, trunks tend to be the best fit for framing out man’s rear end. They sort of box you in and this can cause you to fill out your pants better.

Can you tell us a little more about Baskit underwear and why it is different than other companies? 

Quality, design and fit — pure and simple. We use high quality fabrics, and consistently try to create new and/or improve upon designs that feel good when a guy puts them on.

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