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“Same sex marriage probably will pass this year. You’ve got a preponderance of Democrats who support it in both houses, you’ve got the Congressional delegation, you’ve got our governor.”

—Republican Hawaii Sen. Sam Slom

“I am a God-fearing woman. My faith is very fundamental to everything I do and think. I am a member of the Church of England, a Christian, and my faith is very, very important to me. I think [same-sex marriage] is absolutely consistent with my beliefs. For me, as a Christian, I see it as about justice, equality, fairness, ending discrimination and opening up marriage to more people on the basis that marriage is a very special institution.”

—Conservative Member of Parliament Helen Grant, speaking in advance of Britain’s marriage equality bill

“Why aren’t the president and the LGBT community also vigorously fighting for marriage rights for the polygamist who claims his love for more than one woman is equal to all other loves? Why aren’t they fighting for the incestuous woman who claims her love is misunderstood and that her romance with her brother is a love worthy of marriage? What about the man who loves someone underage – a child? No one who is thoughtful can possibly believe that something as unnatural as the act of a man placing that part of his body which was designed to project life into that part of another man’s body meant to expel death could possibly be a healthy lifestyle under any circumstances.”

—Pastor Mark Creech, writing for the Christian Post.

“We ain’t got no gay people on the team. They gotta get up out of here if they do. Can’t be with that sweet stuff … Nah, can’t be … in the locker room, man.”

— NFL player Chris Culliver

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