10 things we heard

“Could it ever be possible for us to have equal rights in this theocracy? What a coup that would be.”

—Frank Harnden

“I work for a company with the highest ranking possible by the HRC CEI, Wells Fargo, here, in Utah. In fact, they’ve ranked one of the highest for many, many years and have been listed by the HRC since 1987. Surely A. Scott Anderson of Zions has work to do. Wells Fargo may not be based here, but they offer a large number of jobs in this state, and I don’t just mean working at a store (branch), I mean all sorts of positions in service, technology, operations, insurance and investments. I never feel like a second-class citizen at work, in fact, I feel valued every day. Wells Fargo employs more people than the 2,700  Zions employs in Utah and supports the communities it serves. If they don’t consider this an HRC index Utah employer, then I don’t know what is.”

—Byron Barker

“With so much education provided about HIV and other STD’s and especially with the impact it’s had on the gay community, I find it sad that anyone would still practice unsafe sex. A one night stand is not worth your life or the lives of others. Just horrible.”

—Dave N David

“So very sad. When will people wake up?”

—Judy Grange about a double suicide in Salt Lake City

“It really wasn’t so long ago that Brigham Young had 55 wives, fully sanctioned by the [LDS] Church. Not to mention Joseph Smith’s (alleged) 27 wives and countless episodes of infidelity. The LDS Church should be ashamed to even comment on the definition of marriage.”

—Sean Camp

“What’s this ‘one man and one woman’ thing? Have they forgotten about Brother Joseph and Brother Brigham?”

—Craig Erkelens

“Wasn’t there a time when Utah defined marriage as between a man with as many women as possible?”

—Paul Joncours

“I am so looking forward to watching the Proposition 8 ban be overturned and enjoying the pleasure of thinking of all the bigots who sent their cash to screw over my adopted state. With a little luck, who knows? it could backfire completely on them and the high court could overturn all marriage bans. Unlikely, but who knows?”

—Melvin Dean Baker

“Thank you for exposing this bigotry. DOMA must fall as it goes against certain other inalienable rights that we all have: To love, to be ourselves and to be a part of our community.”

— Sophia Hawes

“Drag your feet all you want. The tide is turning, and the momentum can’t be stopped.”

— Natalie Dicou

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