Wingers sponsors Scout-O-Rama AND Queer Prom

Chipotle early this month announced they will not sponsor the Boy Scouts of America Greater Salt Lake Council’s Scout-O-Rama in May by providing food at no charge for the event. Winger’s Roadside Grill stepped in to fill the void.

However, in a different twist, Winger’s also announced their sponsorship of Utah Pride’s Queer Prom, an annual event for LGBT youth and their allies to be held April 20.

“Winger’s Roadhouse Grill is committed to making our communities a better place to live and work,” said Winger’s spokesman Curt Gray. “We recognize and appreciate the diversity that exists in our communities, and believe that diversity, and the acceptance of diversity, is what makes us great.”

Winger’s says they are proud to employ store partners of many religions, genders and sexual orientations. They said their support of Queer Prom will be equal in value to the Scout-O-Rama.

Winger’s announced they are also urging leaders of the Great Salt Lake Council and the national BSA “to arrive at a resolution that is appropriate for their organization in this day and time and its continued involvement with the future of America’s youth.”

“Both BSA and Utah Pride, in their ongoing work, are helping to support and build a diverse array of leaders for America’s future,” Winger’s leaders wrote in a statement. “WRG encourages Utah Pride to continue its expansive work in support of Utah’s gay and transgender youth who are, in fact, bullied and too often rejected by family and peers. With increased education and understanding and acceptance for all is possible.”

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  1. News of Winger's supporting Scout-O-Rama after Chipotle pulls out angers many, but then they announced support of Queer Prom in equal value.

  2. Getting the balance right? I say good for them. Kids in the Scout-a-Rama aren't the ones making the calls and supporting Queer Prom is awesome. Looks like they (Wingers) are mostly concerned with our youth in these regards. Is the food good?

  3. … How about we just say "Fuck you" to national chains all together? Maybe learn to cook our own food so we don't have to worry about the politics of shitty corporations?

  4. Seriously. I'm available to cater them though too. And my wings are WAY better than wingers. Scouts though, nah, they can go eat chick'fil'a.

  5. I’m disappointed that the “Pride” Center seems to have set itself up as Utah’s Queer Pope, offering Homophobia Indulgences for a few dollars.

    What do we tell the queer kids at Queer Prom: “You get to eat the same food that was provided to the homophobic Boy Scouts.”? How is this supposed to prove “It Gets Better”?

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