10 things we heard

“I think this is the first Pride where the entertainment is actually relevant to the current time frame.”

– Erin Bain

“I really wish they would have George Takai or Neil Patrick Harris as grand marshal.”

– Abdul Mardini

“All of the clubs have really stepped their game up too. This year is going to be the biggest Pride yet!”

Jeffery Hacker

“The principle behind gay marriage is right. And it is that very principle that has been mostly ignored, until now. And that is why we WILL win. Glenn Beck must be so distraught with his current epiphany.”

– Jack Strickland

“We had to leave the state because we are trying to adopt two children from a woman that has had nine that she has never reared. I’ve thought about suing myself since this has almost ruined us. We own a home in Utah and can’t even live there for fear we will lose the kids we have had for two years, 26 months and four years old.”

– Angie Keisler

“I was at the rally and I have to say the amount of support that showed up for our gay community was absolutely beautiful and amazing!”

– Rachael Roller

“Loved the overpowering presence we had at the event. I doubt they really had 300 people on their side there but we had to have more than 500!”

– Cole Wilkes

“I’m disappointed that the Pride Center seems to have set itself up as Utah’s Queer Pope, offering homophobia indulgences for a few dollars. What do we tell the queer kids at Queer Prom: ‘You get to eat the same food that was provided to the homophobic Boy Scouts.’? How is this supposed to prove It Gets Better?”

– Todd B.

“Getting the balance right? I say good for them. Kids in the Scout-a-Rama aren’t the ones making the calls and supporting Queer Prom is awesome. Looks like Wingers is mostly concerned with our youth in these regards.”

– Jack Strickland

“Chipotle Rocks! I like Chipotle because they at least make an effort to buy locally grown and raised food products, use recycled bowls, napkins, etc. Check it out for yourself sometime by comparing the waste you will throw in the trash at other restaurants (Wendy’s, KFC, etc.) to that at a Chipotle. Some Chipotle restaurants even generate their own power!”

– Thomas Tracy Zornes

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