Assaulted SLC man says hate motivated attack

A young Salt Lake City man who was attacked outside his home April 4 said there were hate motives behind the assault. Cameron Judd said he was addressing a concern with a neighbor about materials in front of his apartment that belonged to her when she began spewing anti-gay slurs. After his mother stepped in and got involved, Judd asked four nearby men to assist in breaking up the scuffle, he claimed.

Instead of assisting, the men punched and kicked him, which required Judd to receive 30 stitches in his face and may require further medical care, he said.

After the assault, Judd said he went to the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center to receive care. While waiting over 30 minutes, Judd said his boyfriend asked the nurse, who was speaking on the phone, when care could be expected.

The nurse told the other person on the phone,”I have to go, gays are so dramatic,” Judd claimed in a video posted on his Facebook page. After Judd and his boyfriend stood up to leave, the nurse said, “The door is that way.” He then walked to LDS Hospital where he received medical attention, he said.

A SLRMC spokesperson told QSaltLake the hospital is limited in what information can be shared due to federal patient privacy laws but stressed its commitment to equal treatment.

“At Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, it is our highest priority  that we provide prompt, professional care to all of our patients without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability or ability to pay. Each person who seeks treatment at the Salt Lake Regional emergency department is given a medical screening exam, and if deemed appropriate, treatment is provided. However, we cannot prevent a patient from leaving our facility against medical advice, ” said Joanie Brady, spokesperson for SLRMC.

The assault is under investigation but details are not ready to be released, said Salt Lake City Police spokesperson Veronica Montoya. “We take the allegations very seriously and will investigate every lead possible.”

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