Fabulous Bars

Best Gay Bar

Club JAM — Since it opened, JAM has taken its spot as a gathering place for Utah’s LGBT and allied community. With monthly events, a beautiful patio and some of the hottest bartenders in town, JAM is always a good bet to meet new friends and run into old ones.

2. Club Try-Angles   | 3. The Trapp

Best Straight Bar

Bar X — Appearing to come straight out of prohibition, Bar X has undergone a phoenix-like ressurection from dive bar to its rightful spot as the most fabulous straight bar in the city. The specialty cocktail menu morphs with the seasons and always features something new, exciting and completely innovative.

2.Tavernacle   | 3. The Garage

Best Karaoke

Club JAM — Fewer nights bring more friendly people to the bar than karaoke night at JAM. With Karaoke on Wednesday nights, it’s the perfect mid-week blues remedy.

2. The Tavernacle    | 3. Piper Down

Best Place to Catch the Game

Fiddler’s Elbow — Who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of jockstrap-clad, perfect bodied Adonis play with balls? And there’s no better place to do it than at Fiddler’s Elbow. From soccer to college basketball, all the hotties, whoops!… athletes are on display.

2. Lumpy’s    | 3. The Green Pig

Best Dance Club

Fusion at Metro Bar — With disc jockey battles, sexy hosts, go-go dancers, delicious cocktails and a gorgeous summer patio, it’s no wonder that Fusion takes home the crown this year.

2. Club JAM    | 3. PURE at Club Sound

Best Afternoon Crowd

Club Try-Angles — Join Gene and the other regulars (except Chippy, that horny slut who moved to Boston) at Try-Angles for a beer on the patio or a game of pool inside the cool and welcoming bar. Cheap drinks and good friends abound at all hours at Try-Angles.

2. Dick N’ Dixie’s    | 3. The Garage

Best Microbrewery

Squatter’s Pub — Shock Top, Chasing Tail and Emigration Amber Ale are just some of the options available at three locations in Utah. Squatter’s beer is also available at Utah liquor stores and grocery stores around the region.

2. Epic Brewing Company   | 3. Red Rock Brewing Company

Best Friday Night

Hydrate at Club Sound — The recent rebranding has pushed Hydrate at Club Sound (formerly known as Pure, formerly known as Gossip) to the top of Friday night. With the largest dance floor and a section for those 18 years old and over, Hydrate is the place to see and be seen.

2. Club JAM   | 3. Club Try-Angles

Best Saturday Night

Club Try-Angles — Monthly Saturday events include an underwear night and a leather and gear night. From kinky gatherings to birthday parties and dancing, Try-Angles is everything a neighborhood bar needs to be.

2. Club JAM   | 3. Fusion at Metro Bar

Best Lesbian Bar

The Paper Moon — Before you tell us this is also the only lesbian bar in town, remember, it’s also pretty damn fabulous. With drag shows, poker nights, special contests and the sexiest white party in the city, there’s always something happening at the Paper Moon.

Best Sunday Night

Tavernacle — While technically straight, the Tavernacle’s Sunday night karaoke is pretty damn gay. Tasty martinis and a fun atmosphere are just right for those who just aren’t ready to give up the weekend.

2. The Trapp   | 3. Club Jam

Cheapest Drinks

The Trapp — Mason jars full to the brim with a frosty brew just can’t be beat for a summer companion, and neither can the prices at The Trapp.

2. Club Try-Angles   | 3. Dick N’ Dixies

Best Martini

The Tavernacle — Strong, delicious, wet or dry, the martinis at The Tavernacle are a sure-fire bet to build the courage to try the patented Powerball Karaoke.

2. The Red Door   | 3. Kristauf’s Martini Bar 

Best Monthly Bar Event

Bear Bust at Club JAM — Hairy men and their admirers gather for the biggest, furriest party in Utah. With smoking hot go-go bears and cubs, it’s unlike any other experience in Utah.

2. Leather and Gear Night at Club Try-Angles    | 3. Underwear Night at Club Try-Angles

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