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Ala. conservative caught with homecoming king

Alabama Attorney General Troy King made headlines after trying to outlaw adult novelty toys in his state. He argued for a moral society with stricter, more Christian-like regulations. He was especially against gay-themed adult toys and items. However, the conservative was caught in 2009, by his wife, in bed with a local homecoming king from Troy University. He later exited the world of politics, but he will forever go down as one of the most ironic and hypocritical anti-gay activists.

Wash. lawmaker resigns after caught in negligee

Republican Rep. Richard Curtis had a strong anti-gay history and voted against domestic partnership legislation as well as an anti-bias bill. Shortly after his votes, he resigned from the House when reports of his sexual encounter with a male escort were made public in 2007. The escort said he took photographic evidence, including Curtis in a red negligee, of the tryst because Curtis promised him $1,000, but only gave him $200.

Spokane mayor removed after gay-sex sting

Spokane, Wash. Mayor Jim West fought against gay rights in his community. He supported a bill banning gays from working in schools and a bill that would ban the state from distributing pamphlets containing information about HIV and AIDS. He went as far as to propose that “any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person” among teens be considered a criminal act. However, journalists from a local newspaper entered one of the sites where West met men, gay.com, and masqueraded as potential dates. The mayor allegedly promised the journalists, pretending to be young gay men, jobs with the city in exchange for sex. He was later removed from office in a recall election.

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