7th annual Gay Day at Hogle Zoo planned

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As spring settles in across the Wasatch Front, outdoor activities are starting to take off again. At the top of the list is the seventh annual Gay Days at Hogle Zoo to be held May 18. While it’s not sponsored by the zoo, hundreds of queer people descend on the park clad in red to show solidarity.

We caught up with Scott Guymon to chat about the event’s roots and why people should participate.

When was the first Gay Day at Hogle Zoo?

It first began in June of 2007. It attracted a small group of about 20 guys. Every year it’s gotten larger and more fun.

Why have a gay day at the zoo?

I remember going to QSaltLake Day at Lagoon and thinking, ‘Hey, we could do this at the zoo!’ Hogle Zoo is an underappreciated attraction here in Salt Lake. It’s a beautiful zoo and an excellent opportunity for LGBT people and their families to come out and have a great time.

What goes on during gay day?

It’s a pretty open event. Just come with your friends or family and enjoy the animals. Like other large gay events we wear red shirts to make our presence more visible.

What is the Gay Escape?

The Gay Escape started as a group of gay men in Utah County getting together to hang out. It grew quickly as word got out and soon we started having monthly events. After a few years, the group moved to Salt Lake City and continues to grow.

Any last words for QSaltLake readers?

Come join us! You’ll have a great time and you’ll wish we did it twice a year. Go to facebook.com/gaydayathoglezoo for more information. We’ll see you there!

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  1. The animal rights community has always stood in solidarity with gay rights and events. Know that this venue divides and the vegan gay community strongly objects and cordially ask to find alternative. It takes a village and the community we all are apart of..lets unite not divide, change venue. Respect is golden and leadership is of a timely essence.

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