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Father stabs wife in front of child

A husband and father, Andrew Parsons, stabbed his wife to death as their 5-year-old son screamed for him to stop, according to court statements. The boy pleaded with his father to call an ambulance. Parsons had punched his wife and stabbed her 17 times, according to court testimony. Janee Parsons, 31, told her husband she planned to spend the weekend with her new boyfriend, according to tapes that were in the room to allegedly record infidelity.

Financial ruin alledgedly sparks Calif. man to slay his wife 

A California man is accused of murdering his wife to collect $30 million in insurance money. Peter Parineh, 67, told witnesses and jury members that he faced financial ruin before his wife’s death, but that he was innocent. His real estate holdings before 2007 were worth more than $150 million, but by 2010, they were worth less than $1 million. Most of his properties were in foreclosure. Parineh said he came home from the gym and found his wife dead, but police and the district attorney insist he shot his wife.

Man convicted of throwing wife from balcony

A Dubai court upheld a three-year sentence for a man who urinated on his wife and infant child then threw the wife from a second-floor balcony. The man, who was identified only as JS, 37, was found guilty of attempted murder in September, 2012. In April of last year, he asked his wife, FZ, 18, to join him with their daughter at an apartment. When she arrived, JS accused her of being a prostitute. JS insists that his wife leapt from the balcony after he confronted her.

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