10 things we heard

“Where you at ‘The Equality State’? I’m looking at you harder now, Wyoming. Change your slogan or change your stance.”

Paul Veridian

“The animal rights community has always stood in solidarity with gay rights and events. Know that this venue divides and the vegan gay community strongly objects and cordially ask to find alternative. It takes a village and the community we all are a part of. Let’s unite not divide, change venue. Respect is golden and leadership is of a timely essence.”

—John Boyer on the annual Gay Day at Hogle Zoo

“I guess I’m confused. I always thought this award was for volunteers, not ‘Gay For Pay’ folks who do precisely what we pay them for.”

—Dominique Storni on the Kristen Reis Award recipients

“Wow that was powerful. Love you, Bob Henline. Thank you so much for being such an awesome advocate, activist, ally and friend.”

—Ginger Lénore Phillips

“Too true. Too sad. Too many souls lost. Too many suicides. Shame you you, LD$, Inc!”

—Dominique Storni

“Just like the KKK, the LDS Church uses religious teachings as its primary shield against charges of bigotry.”

—Dan Ellis

“I think the question to ask here is whether or not the new digs allow the Pride Center to better serve the community. If so, then I’m all for the move. If not, the money could certainly be used to good effect elsewhere.”

—Bob Henline

“I think this is the first Pride where the entertainment is actually relevant to the current time frame.”

—Erin Bain

“All of the clubs have really stepped their game up too. This year’s Pride is going to be the biggest one yet!”

—Jeffery Hacker

“I’m not sure who is more destructive, a bigot that doesn’t know he’s a bigot, or one that knows but doesn’t care. And I’m not even sure which of these applies to Alan Osmond.”

—Denny JC

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