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Who was rescued … The animals or their humans?

Michael “rescued” Hatch, a chiweenie, six years ago when he moved back to Utah from southern California. “I went with a friend to the shelter with no intention of getting a dog … but Hatch wouldn’t leave me alone, so I took him with me!”

Hatch was the only man in Michael’s life for five years and they gave each other companionship and love. Then Michael and Al met … and Michael was rescued. Hatch still has some jealousy issues, but loves Al.

Soon after the men started living together, they stopped by a pet store where a rescue group had animals needing homes and love. Al fell for Lola, another chiweenie, who was very frightened but perked up only when she saw Al. She had been in a “puppy factory” and had never been loved. Honestly, had we read the doctor reports, we probably wouldn’t have brought her home. She was said to be “a very unhappy girl” that would poop uncontrollably and couldn’t show love or be with other animals or children. Bless her heart she didn’t even know how to play! She now wags her tail constantly, is house trained, plays with a ball and Hatch … and gives unconditional love, especially to “daddy Al.”

Chittendon Cholmondly (named after a character in a Noel Coward play … lovingly called “our little chit”) is our latest baby … A loving, affectionate yellow cat who was one of 30 kittens on a farm. He loves the dogs, head butting and rubbing against Hatch.

Now the five are a happy family … “without our babies we would be lost. They rescued us and bring constant joy!”

Glorious George

We adopted our dog from the Companion Golden Retriever Rescue here in Salt Lake City almost five years ago. After losing our other Golden we were slow to adopt, but an afternoon of boredom took me to the CGRR website where I found George. The pictures did not do him justice with how big he really was. He weighed in at more than 110 pounds and was a height that makes it very easy to snack off the kitchen counter without being on his tip toes. The day my partner and I went to see him, we got out of the car and there was a horse whinny which made us bust out thinking it was actually our new dog. It wasn’t of course, but I do have to admit there are times it does sound like a herd running through the house.

George has endeared himself to us and our entire neighborhood, and he knows everyone and everyone knows him. Not long after we got him he started howling along with any squeaky toy he happened to be working on. It sort of freaked us out at first but now we chalk it up to him being happy, and content and the more he sings to us the more we love him. It hasn’t been all roses and milkbones though; we have had our challenges like when he ate an entire turkey carcass after Thanksgiving (and endured surgery to get it out) and his allergies that make him use every piece of furniture, my mother- in-law and both of us as scratching posts. But despite this, he has shared his love, his songs and his abundant size with us for five wonderful years. Life with George is great and neither of us can imagine our lives, or this world, without him.

Our crew

(Left to right) Luke was rescued from an an abusive home, Chloe came from a similar situation, and you’ve met sweet Dexter. I personally believe that gay and lesbian homes offer a unique place for rescue animals with special needs. They give us the unconditional love we find so rare in life, and in return we offer caring environments and resources to help them find peaceful and happy homes.


Fostered and adopted through Cause for Paws Utah, Paco came to us originally as a foster from Los Angeles. A few days later he seemed to be quieter than normal, and a vet exam revealed that Paco had a large mass/cyst on his left kidney. We were faced with two options for Paco: wait to see if the mass would go down or perform surgery to remove the bad kidney. The problem with removing the kidney is that we are  not 100 percent sure the second kidney is fully functioning. We decided to wait and see if the size of the mass/cyst would change. During that time our family has fallen in love with this wonder dog, we made the decision to add him to our family a short while later. He will do anything our family asks of him and he enjoys life with an endless smile and a wagging tail.


I have adopted four of my last five dogs. Bailey, a border collie mix, came from Cause for Paws Utah. I ended up with her as she was my first foster with Cause for Paws Utah. She spent seven months with us before I decided she is definitely one of the pack and had to stay. From left is Bailey, Meeka, Frank, and Taz is in the front. We sure do love these dogs. I would like to thank Cause for Paws Utah for allowing me to foster for them and letting me adopt Bailey.


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