3 women walk Arizona for LGBT rights

Arizona is 101 years old this year, and three women walked 101 miles for each year that the state has not had full equality for its lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual citizens.

Liliana Montoya, Meg Sneed and Summer Schaurdt started their journey on July 17 and ended it 10 days later, being welcomed at Phoenix City Hall, engaging people across the state in the topic of LGBT rights.

“We tell them that Arizona has been a state for 101 years without equality for lesbian, gay, transgender people so we feel like the best way is to start conversation. So whether it’s people walking down the street asking what we’re doing, making meetings with council people, police departments, fire departments and just sitting down and having that conversation,” Fox 10 News reports Montoya as saying.

The trio treked through 15 counties,

“We walked 19 miles in Prescott, a mile for each fallen firefighter, and we placed a plaque with their name at each marker,” said Montoya.

“I think that for me, training the US Border Patrol on LGBT 101 culture and competency and how open they were to the conversation and how they would like us to come back and do a longer training and think that in towns along the way we met police that really want this training. They want to be culturally competent,” said Sneed.

“It is a little bit crazy, but our state is also crazy to deny us rights based on who we love,” said Sneed.

They say they’ll walk 102 miles next year if they don’t see the changes they hope for.

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