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Same-sex couples now eligible for family, medical leave

“This is awesome! One more step in the right direction for equality.”

—Brett Pehrson

Fry to IOC: move Russian Olympics to Utah

“Yeah, Utah has such a better view of gays.  No discrimination here.”

—Kelly Albers-Lowe

“There is zero room for bigotry in the Olympic games, this is awesome!”

—Bernie Garcia

Poll:  Americans would pass a country-wide same-sex marriage law

“This is what social conservatives fail to understand. The watershed decisions made recently are only boundary reflections of a long-standing trend toward acceptance of equal rights. The religious right is receding into shrill irrelevancy. And good riddance, too — we can have a better diverse society without all the fear-mongering and shreaking [sic] from people who are trying to legislate their religion.”

—Jay Windley

“As positive as this poll result is, I still don’t understand why ANY human right should be voted on.”

—Drew Sanders

Andy Cohen won’t host Miss Universe in Russia

“Who’s gonna get those girls painted and tits ready? The gays will all be in jail for stepping foot on Russian soil!”

—Harry-It Winston

Chris Christie to sign ban on “ex-gay” therapies

“A family member was involved in a “conversion study” at BYU in the late ’70’s. What the therapists asked the subjects to do would get them ex’ed from the LDS church. It was pretty scary stuff.”

—Bradley Henrie

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