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Allied business: LeCroissant Catering

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If you’ve attended Equality Utah’s garden parties or similar events, you’ve experienced the flavorful creations of Kelly Lake and her staff at LeCroissant Catering.

LeCroissant, however, is so much more than a business that supports endeavors within this community. They are a leader in corporate responsibility and staunch allies of this community. Kelly and her staff are always ready and willing to help with any catering need and have supported Utah’s LGBT community with food and events for years.

Beyond that, however, they practice what they preach.  LeCroissant has one of the business community’s most inclusive nondiscrimination and sexual harassment policies and provides all of their employees with a safe, inclusive and welcoming work environment.

In Kelly’s words:  “It is not OK to dislike or deny someone because of things they can’t control.  What you can control is the harm you choose to cause people.”

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