Utah is erupting with Pride!

The Utah Pride Festival, held yearly in June, has rapidly become one of the largest and most well-attended festivals in the state.  For nearly 30 years it was the only festival of its kind in Utah.

That all changed in 2011, when Amy Stocks through out, on a lark, the idea of having a Pride festival in the small town of Moab, Utah.  In its first year over 500 people marched in the Moab Pride Parade, and the Moab Pride Festival was born.  This year, the Moab Pride Festival begins on Sunday, September 22, with a screening of “The New Black.”

Monday thru Friday, September 23 – 27, brings Gay Adventure Week.  Each day there will be suggested adventures to highlight the outdoor recreation and sheer beauty that is the Moab area.   There will also be “apres-adventure” gatherings each night between 5:00 and 7:00pm.  The event culminates with the parade and festival at Swanny City Park on Saturday, September 28th.

Currently in its third year, the Moab Pride Festival is the 2nd largest small-town Pride event in the United States.

Joining Moab and Salt Lake City this year is Provo.  The first annual Provo Pride Festival will be held on September 21st at Memorial Park in downtown Provo.  The Provo festival, due to its late start this year, won’t be holding a parade but they will have booths, entertainment, and music in the park.  A parade is on the “to-do” list for 2014.

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