Parent sues South Carolina high school over bullying by teacher

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In a lawsuit filed in the Charleston County Court of Common Pleas (South Carolina), a mother claims that Alan Ingram, a math teacher, bullied her son to such an extent that the teen attempted to take his own life.

The suit alleges that Ingram, who is not named as a defendant, “began bullying plaintiff in class, in front of plaintiff’s classmates, by telling plaintiff’s classmates that plaintiff was ‘gay,’ and by calling plaintiff names and belittling him in the presence of his classmates.”

The suit continues with, “Further, Ingram encouraged and asked other students in class to pick on plaintiff as well and similarly belittle him during classes.”  Ingram is accused of telling students that the teen was involved in a homosexual relationship with another male student and that they were “boyfriend and girlfriend.”

As a result of the bullying, the mother claims, the teen attempted to kill himself by hanging.

The teen has withdrawn from school and is currently being taught at home while undergoing mental health counseling.

While some reports indicate that the school’s website lists Ingram as a teacher, as of 11:00am (Mountain) on September 6, he is not currently listed in the faculty directory.


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