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Video: Salt Lake Home Depot marriage proposal: Spencer and Dustin

Dustin arrived at the Home Depot in Salt Lake City thinking he was there to help his roommate pick out some lighting for a party. When he was taken to the lumber aisle, what he found waiting for him was a mob of friends and family as his marriage proposal unfolded to the song, “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who.

Spencer and Dustin would like to thank all of our amazing family and friends for their continued love and support!

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  1. Wow!!! So wonderful that they had family support, too! Makes me chuckle too, that this happened right after religious groups just declared that their "boycott" of Home Depot for being GLBT supportive had "succeeded." 🙂

  2. Can't stop crying here–looking at my own wife across the room sound asleep–sixteen years on the sixteenth! May Dustin and Spencer have that much love, and more! Beautiful, Michael, and thank you for letting us share the joy… <3

  3. I so love that this happened right hear in Utah! So much love and hope. Watching this made me smile and cry, beautiful!

  4. Seriously, AMAZING! Best of luck and a lifetime of love to these guys and their families and friends who support them! <3

  5. My first thought on seeing this was, "In UTAH??? YEWTAW??? You're KIDDING ME, RIGHT??" And when I saw that it was, and remembered Provo Pride is coming up soon, I realized–wow. We really are beginning the process. Change is coming…

  6. So sweet! I love Home Depot for supporting them to do this! Fabulous that their family was so involved and cute! Definitely a multi-kleenex video.

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