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Group seeking mayors in favor of marriage equality

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Freedom to Marry is putting together a coalition of mayors across the United States who are in support of marriage equality. They are putting the mayors on a map, shown above, to show how widespread support for marriage equality is among mayors.

Currently, Park City Mayor Dana Clark is the single Utah mayor listed. The group is encouraging people to petition their mayor to add him or herself to the map.

With the click of a button, viewers can send an email to their mayor, stating:

As a constituent and voter in your city, I am asking you to support the freedom to marry for same-sex couples by joining Mayors for the Freedom to Marry, a broad-based group of mayors supporting marriage for all loving couples. Nearly 400 mayors from 35 states and Washington, D.C. have already become Mayors for the Freedom to Marry and I believe that you should too.

As mayor of our city, you should understand that the strength and health of our city is enhanced when all families are protected and supported. Many people in loving and committed same-sex relationships are active participants in improving our community and our city. They should be able to share in the protections and obligations that marriage provides.

You have an opportunity to show your support for all residents of our city.

Because of this, I urge you to sign the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry pledge, and join the nearly 400 mayors who have shown their support for the freedom to marry.

Can I count on you to join now Mayors for the Freedom to Marry?

To see if your mayor is listed, visit the Freedom to Marry Light Up the Map site.

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