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TV producer seeking stories of excommunication

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Retired school teacher, humor writer and actor Ted Ottinger of Taylorsville, Utah, is working on a pilot for a reality TV series to be called Excommunicated. Ottinger says that his show will explore what happens to people who are excommunicated from their faith-based organizations.

Excommunicated will feature guests who will tell their own stories of how their lives have been affected when they are either forced out of their faith-based organization or decide on “self-excommunication.”

“Often, these people are cut off from family members and sometimes even lose their source of income and place to live,” said Ottinger. “Persons who are coming out as gay, are often twice rejected and left feeling all alone.”

“I hope to shine a light on these practices which have been around since the beginning of history. If one chooses to look at it this way, God was the first to practice this, kicking Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden for eating fresh fruit. This is still practiced by many religions. Scientology is probably the worst, but all the world’s major religions use the practice.”

Ottinger is interviewing people who may wish to share their stories. He can be contacted at tedbebe.ottinger@gail.com or 385-234-1149.

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