Obituary: Michael Joseph Perrino

1383761_611272178911171_1765121364_nMichael Joseph Perrino
March 16, 1957 ~ Oct. 6, 2013

On Oct. 6, 2013 Michael J. Perrino unexpectedly and suddenly passed from this earth to a more beautiful and peaceful place. Leaving far too soon, his life cut way too short, he touched many lives and left the world and us better for his having been here.

Michael was born and spent most of his life in Pittsburgh, PA. He grew up in the neighborhood of Bloomfield, a place that shaped him forever in his love of people, good food and kindness. A graduate of Central Catholic High School and the University of Pittsburgh, Michael was a consummate expert on such a wide range of topics and interests that it is hard to recount them all.

Michael loved music. His vast collection of recordings ranged from 45s to rare vinyl pressings and an overwhelming number of CDs. He was a true music aficionado. He loved to DJ, which he did with Randy Sams throughout SW PA and Northern West VA.

His passion for music was equaled by his love and knowledge of film. From production to content to history and critique Michael devoured it all. His appetite for film was unbounded, as was his growing film collection. He was also a gifted amateur photographer. The art and industry surrounding the creation of books and the written word was also of keen interest.

His passion for good food and his knowledge of cooking and baking was unmatched. He learned the art of food and the enjoyment it provided at the side of his maternal grandmother Louise DelCimuto who he worshiped and admired. She taught him all of the important things about food, family and how to blend these together. His mother Lydia’s recipes for favorite Italian cookies, cakes, pastas and pies were recreated in his kitchen for all of his friends to enjoy.

Michael was an ardent advocate for Gay Rights and for the freedom of all to be who they are and to be respected by all.

Michael was a bundle of energy to be around. He could talk the night away on many of his favorite topics, or play computer games, and even use a Star Wars light sabre to punctuate his conversations. His face had a glow and his smile lit up the room warming the hearts of all present.
These past six years Michael has lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, far away from his old home of Pittsburgh. An east coast native challenged by the peculiarity of the Intermountain West, Michael brought his warmth, love, traditions and passions to a frontier of new friends.

He was preceded in death by his mother Lydia Delcimuto Perrino Sciullo, father Michael Perrino and stepfather Vern Sciullo.

Michael leaves behind his life partner David S. Richards. A small, but loving, maternal family led by his aunt Virginia DelCimuto Mascaro, his cousin Diane DelCimuto White and her son Gary Messer, his cousin Richard Mascaro, wife Amy and step-daughter Brenna Smith. His paternal family led by aunt Lucy Perrino, and her children Maureen, Annie and Martin and cousins Linda, Joe and John. In addition the Sciullo family consisting of his aunt Olga Sciullo Esposito, cousins Wilma McCafferty and Marie Weis.

The impact on the lives Michael touched is hard to measure but one only needs to look on Facebook to see the many tributes and words of shock, loss and sorrow at his passing. One of his oldest friends Randy Sams summed it up well when he described the excruciating pain he felt on hearing of Michael’s death.

Michael desired to be cremated and the family has followed his wish. A funeral service will not be held. Memorial services are being planned in Pittsburgh, PA and Salt Lake City, UT. Dates, times and locations will be announced on Facebook. In lieu of flowers donations to charities in keeping with Michael’s feelings would be appropriate.

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