Petition: Marriott Hotel – stop hosting ‘ex-gay’ therapy group conference

A petition to the Marriott Hotel who is hosting an ex-gay conference … for a second year … has been launched.

The Marriott Renaissance-Airport Hotel in Philadelphia is host to the annual conference of the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, the largest ‘ex-gay’ organization in the country.

NARTH claims to be a “scientific research” community organization that uses inaccurate and misguided information that harms not just adults but youth and families.

Marriott International, Inc. has received a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign annual Corporate Equality Index for the past four years, yet they are hosting the homophobic group that targets LGBT adults and youth.

In a recently released documentary the anti-gay group’s founder said that 60 percent of his ‘patients’ are confused teenagers. But instead of helping these young people, these ‘cures’ lead people to depression or worse.

“NARTH is a fear inducing, homophobic group that targets LGBT adults and youth that are non gender conforming or identify as LGBT. The organization uses deceptive tactics, inaccurate false and misleading marketing campaigns to invoke fear an incite discrimination against the LGBT community,” an earlier petition stated. “By allowing NARTH to hold its annual conference at the Marriott Renaissance-Airport Hotel in Philadelphia, PA, as a corporation you are saying to the LGBT community that you support the bullying and harassment of the LGBT community and condone the activities of NARTH.

All Out is trying to raise 50,000 signatures and is just past the halfway point.

The petition is at

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