Utah Pride Center Board of Directors 2012–2013

At a “talking circle” for the Utah Pride Center, it was asked who the current board members are and who have left in the recent past. According to records with the state, here are the directors over the past 18 months:

Aug 2012 Aug 2013 Current
Alison Beddard X X X
Deb Berdan X X X
Jason Bowcutt X
Nikki Boyer X X X
Kent Frogley X X X
Steven Ha X X
Ken Kimball X X
Jon Jepsen X X X
Billie Gay Larson X X
Marva Match X X X
D. Allen Miller X X
Jesse Michael Nix X X X
John Netto X X
Jen Seelig X X
T. Christopher Wharton X X X
Claudia Wright X
Left in 2012:
Gordon Storrs
Melvin Nimer
Joni Weiss


The following are members of the Capital Campaign, which is raising funds to pay for the renovation of the 4th South building. They are not on the board of directors, unless listed above.

Jane Marquardt, Jackie Biskupski, Brett Tolman
Beano Solomon – Honorary Chair

Members at Large:
Valerie Larabee
Nikki Boyer
Ken Kimball
Marva Match
Michelle Turpin
Jim Dabakis
Craig Crawford
Laura Milliken Gray
Stephanie Pappas
Byron Russell

Campaign Manager:
Tina Heidorn

Dave Jones, Pathway Associates

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