Larabee resigns as executive director of Utah Pride

An announcement from the Utah Pride Center that Valerie Larabee has resigned as executive director, in its entirety:

Executive Director of the Utah Pride Center Resigns

Salt Lake City, Utah – November 13, 2013 – The Board of Directors of the Utah Pride Center has accepted the resignation of Valerie Larabee as Executive Director effective November 13, 2013.

Larabee has led the Utah Pride Center for nine years. Under her leadership, the organization has grown its programming and advocacy to serve a broad range of groups within the LGBTQ community. Utah Pride has become a strong partner to groups advocating for LGBTQ rights and freedoms both locally and nationally. Her leadership transformed the Utah Pride Festival into an annual event that brings together more than 30,000 individuals to celebrate the LGBTQ community and its contributions to Utah.

The Pride Festival event became a profitable fundraiser under her guidance, raising money that sustains the many programs and affiliates of the Pride Center. She also transitioned the Pride Center from the edge of Salt Lake City into the heart of downtown with a new 16,000 square foot building that provides greater access and infrastructure for programs, services, and community meetings. Her efforts helped move the conversation around LGBTQ issues from the periphery to the center of state and local dialogue.

Valerie Larabee in a written statement said, “I’m so very grateful for the opportunity to serve as a part of this vital organization for the last nine years. I’m humbled by the passion, dedication and support of so many. Our accomplishments over the years have been anchored by an incredible array of donors, volunteers and staff. Change is a vital part of life for both organizations and individuals. I will hold Utah Pride in my heart forever.”

The Utah Pride Center Board in a collective statement said, “We celebrate the accomplishments of the Utah Pride Center under Valerie’s leadership. Along with the hard working staff and thousands of volunteers over these past nine years, she has been a powerful advocate for the LGBTQ community. Her passion is evident. She has put Salt Lake City on the map as a national leader in the LGBTQ movement.”

A transition plan is being created by the Pride Center Board.  They are working to name an interim Executive Director. They will continue to work closely with the Pride Center Management Team on day to day operations, financial management and program administration.

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  1. Charles Lynn Frost AKA Sister Dottie is one of the very few natural choices for this high profile position.

  2. No she hasn't…shitty leader and represent the lesbos only…next director needs to be male and understand $…only those with a limited outside view would think she and the board are anything more than bumbling idiots. Oh and she should have been fired that's what u do with 300,000 in fiscal crap. God you can be so nieve…

  3. Wow. In addition to needless personal invective, we get comments like "Shitty leader and represents the lesbos only"? And "Next director needs to be male"? Since when have we decided that derisive comments about sexual orientation and blatant sex discrimination in hiring are acceptable? I must have missed that meeting.

  4. That is a very classy write up. Awesome! And thank you Valerie Larabee for your service to our community.

  5. Unfortunately a strong impression has been given that lesbians rule the roost. I think this probably started with the concession to place L first in LGBT.

    Over the past 10 years, I've known plenty of men (me included) that were treated at the center as potential child molesters. How do the youth learn about the community if they are segregation and reinforced with the idea elders are not to be trusted? When they grow out of the age limit, do they magically become adults and have an entire community they supports them and they understand? I think its more likely they feel rejected by the youth culture and the center.

  6. Darcy Darcy Marie Goddard you just came to that meeting. Your ignorant of the real community. Gays and lesbians dont mix socially, I know I ve owned 5 gay bars in town. In fact, lesbians have a different agenda then gay men, or transexuals. Your concept of unity denies us from deing with the thruth. As for saying shitty, thats your cheap shot at moral indignation. Is it lesbian morals not to swear? Or would you perfur the poliet lies that got us here, and here firing…yes lets call it out. Oh wait, you do prefur the lies, thats what your statement is. This is an exhibit that we dont all think the same…and shame on Pride Center and you for being true enemies of diversity.

  7. wow. i'm about to move to SLC from the very liberal Northeast part of the country and i'm sad such hate exists within the community down there. i'm not sure who Larabee is, but i'm sure however bad or good she was at her job has NOTHING to do with her sexual orientation or sexual preference. maybe i should stay closer to Provincetown, Massachusetts. 😉

  8. Laura — you think the executive director of our community center has nothing to do with us? It is "our" community center, not a private corporation.

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