Pearl, the new gem of Salt Lake’s lesbian and bi women?

It’s been years since queer women in Salt Lake have had social events that cater to the entire lesbian and female bisexual community. “Pearl” refers to the new company that has already scheduled monthly events throughout 2014, including Casino Night, the Pink Pub Crawl, speed dating, theme parties, and a Butch/Femme Ball. Pearl will be listing details for each event as they become available on their Facebook page, “Pearl – Events for Women who Love Women.”

Through Pearl, lesbian and bi women of all ages will now have a centralized place to go for fun and socializing, starting with the Black & White Soirée, Jan. 4, 2014. This 7 p.m. to midnight event at the Complex will feature a swanky night of socializing, and will include a raffle, hors d’oeuvres, a photo booth, spoken word, a full cash bar, live music and dancing. Emceeing the soirée will be spoken-word artist, Tami Porter-Jones. Headlining the evening will be former members of The Vision, including Secily, Joel, and Kenyatta. These musicians have numerous accolades between them, including playing drums for Janet Jackson, acting as music director for the School of Rock, and performing with high-profile bands such as the Debi Graham Band and Ladysugar.

Pearl is the brainchild of community member, Lynda Lee, of Clothesline Productions. Lee moved to Salt Lake from Wisconsin in 1989 and has participated in and volunteered for numerous LGBTQ community events over the years. Lynda has been a business owner since 1992, doing graphic design work, but has recently become motivated to return to her passion: event management. Armed with a master’s degree in Sports Marketing and years of experience organizing events, Lee says she is anxious to dive into that realm once again. “My passion has always been event management; creating events and experiences that make people smile; enhance their lives; and manufacture lifelong memories.”

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  1. Q Salt lake, this article is so disappointing to read. What a slap in the face to the current Lesbian women groups that are already actively running.
    Did you do any research on this before you printed this article? Or did you just go off the story you heard from Ms Lee?
    There are two main successful and active Lesbian groups in Salt lake city.
    Owls has around 759 members and has activities often. From Saturday breakfast groups, to gatherings of Owl group members.
    SWIRL is the other successful group. This group has a focus on the community and most recently did an activity where they created care packages for the homeless and passed them out. SWIRL had a softball team in the Pride league as well as potlucks, and other events through out the year.

    As you can see there are lesbian event groups alive and well. You should do some research on the two groups listed above, as they are actually doing it and have proven success. Unlike Ms Lee who's focus seems to be more on financial gain rather then acknowledgment of her peers successes.

    SWIRL and Pearl sound alike? Has anyone else noticed that? That was the first thing i noticed when i saw this article. Seems awfully tacky on the part of Ms Lee to use a name that sounds nearly identical to an already successful well established group.

    The truth is SWIRL and Owls are the groups in Utah that should be getting an article written on them. I, and many others are very disappointed in the lack of research done on this article.

    To my friends in both OWLS and SWIRL i sincerely wish you nothing but success and truly hope that MS Lee can sincerely apologize for her infringement upon your successes and her rather tacky ability to use Q Salt lake to tell a giant fish story.

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