Breaking: Utah’s first gay married couple?

Michael Adam Ferguson and J. Seth Anderson may well be Utah’s first gay couple to legally marry in the state of Utah. The couple, hearing that U.S. District Judge Robert J. Shelby has declared Utah’s Amendment 3 as unconstitutional, went to Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen’s office asking for a marriage license.

“Our application for a marriage license was just accepted by the state of Utah,” Ferguson wrote on his Facebook wall.

Deputy Salt Lake County Clerk Wany Morrison was in tears as she handed the couple their license to marry. As the couple was awaiting an officiant, Morrison told the couple she would marry them, but was pulled out of the ceremony by Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill, who said he wanted to wait on official notice from the state.

QSaltLake reporter Bob Henline, who is also an official marriage officiant, married the couple on the spot.

St. George couple Marty Pendry and Brian Struthers contacted the Washington County Clerk Kim M. Hafen, asking for a marriage license and was referred to the Utah State Attorney General’s office, who replied, “I don’t feel comfortable answering your question on this,” and referred them back to their county clerk.

When Pendry called back to the county clerk’s office, Hafen said she would be “glad to issue you a marriage certificate.”

“I have not yet been told to release any licenses to same-sex couples,” she said.

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  1. Here I was thinking Roger and I would have to go to Washington or New York to get married. Maybe we'll just come back to Utah.

  2. "Deputy Salt Lake County Clerk Wany Morrison was in tears as she handed the couple their license to marry."

    I HOPE they were tears of happiness for the couple, and not the bitter tears of someone who feels that Gay couples don't deserve the same legal opportunities that Straight couples take for granted.

  3. Utah Joke Of The Day: "I went on vacation with my parents to Utah and all I got were these stupid four husbands!" Congratulations Utah!!!!!

  4. Does this mean the couple with the Home Depot proposal can get married in their home state? When will weddings begin?

  5. I just asked my daughter if I'd live to see the day, quite happy I did. It's a great day to be from Utah. Congrats to all of us, but especially those waiting to get hitched. Xmas weddings? Heck yeah,

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