Box Elder County posts sherrif’s officers to block same-sex marriage certificates

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By all reports, no Box Elder County couples attempted to get licenses from that office, but they posted to sherrif’s officers at the doors in case anyone did try.

County officials said they will not issue a license, even if anyone tries, as the office did not want to violate state statutes.

The officials said they would take applications, but will not issue any licenses.

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  1. Shameful the way some people are forced to live in fear by those who are supposed to serve and protect.

  2. Yet the county prefers to not comply with Federal laws? Come on, where's the humanity in this state? Get with the 21st century.

  3. On the bright side, NOTHING pisses off judges more than contempt of court. Things like this might push judges who might have been more sympathetic to the State's case to come down on them…

  4. i guess there will be alot of lawsuits in utah because they have to abide by federal law. but hey maybe after a few hundred lawsuits they will finally surrender. because if not the state will be broke. All because we feel we have the right to marry the one we want to spend the rest of our life with.

  5. A good chunk of it is still coming to terms with the 20th century. Women and non-whites having rights and voting and such.

  6. Well the Governor is playing "check with the county AG" (passing the buck) and they are claiming they are being "cautious" and waiting on a ruling they like…

  7. Amber W Wendy, very true, Amber. Strange that the Mormons were treated with hatred decades ago forcing them from state to state. It's a shame that they are now trying to persecute everyone now themselves. Just which group do you think Christ would be walking with today?

  8. Nancy Silk Pretty common sort of thing. Consider the Puritans in the American Colonies and some Jewish sects in Israel.

  9. Peter Wamsley Hopefully we'll get a ruling from the 10th circuit soon about a stay (they are of course appealing Shelby's decision earlier today) and if a stay is not granted hopefully they will accept it. Or perhaps the first contempt charges will come in.

  10. I'm really hoping that if the stay isn't granted, that contempt charges are filed against each and every one individual officers… they have union reps to protect them, but it will cost the department a shit ton of money to defend it, and guess who the union will go after to make up for it, yup, the Sheriff who gave the order. Why file contempt charges against one man when you can turn an entire department against him.

  11. And even if they do individually get in trouble, ask me just how much sympathy I have for cops who violate the law… for more than half a decade, international law has said that "I was following orders" cannot be used as a legal defense, and they know it, and if they are willing to follow an order they know is illegal, they've made their choice.

  12. How come every time someone claims states rights, someone else looses them? Well never mind. We know the answer.

  13. Ray Zentz A ruling by a federal judge that excluding them based on sex violates the constitution. You can then choose to marry no qualifying adults or allow any qualifying adults to wed. Continuing to issue licenses based on the sex of the parties then is contempt of court and a violation of the law that states the US constitution is supreme and that any state law or constitution that violates it is invalid. Unless a higher judge overturns it on appeal, they are breaking the law. No higher judge has issued a stay or overturned it–they are breaking the law.

  14. Ray Zentz The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land. A federal judge ruled that it is a violation of the US Constitution to discriminate in issuing marriage licenses based on the sex of the parties. Unless it is overruled by a superior court, the lesser laws/constitutions are invalid. As no stay has been issued, the legal choices are to either issue licences to all qualified parties or to no qualified parties, not to continue the violation as these counties are doing.

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