Same-sex couples receiving licenses already this morning, including Tooele, Morgan

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According to one same-sex couple in Tooele County, they have received a license to marry and the Tooele County Clerk is about to perform the ceremony. James Hunter and David White are among three couples that were waiting at the Tooele County Clerk’s Office at 47 South Main, Room #318, Tooele hoping for marriages. Hunter says three or four clerks are there to marry people. A judge and a council member Shaun Milne are also available to marry people on the spot.

Couple Trina Suava and Karena Flyfisher report that they were just married at the Morgan County Clerk’s office and they have an officiant and witnesses ready as well. The Morgan County Clerk’s office is located at 48 West Young Street, Room 18, in Morgan,. Utah.

In Ogden, the County Clerk is issuing licenses in their offices and having couples move to a larger location across the street at the Hampton Inn to actually marry to accommodate the expected crowd. Darin Osborne, who is in line to get married, says that about 200 people are in line as of 7:30 this morning to get married.

In Salt Lake County, some couples camped outside the doors at the Salt Lake County Complex to get an early place in line.

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