Rally at Utah State Capitol Friday over same-sex marriage

A petition signed by over 40,000 people will be presented to Utah Governor Gary Herbert and Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes demanding the state pull its efforts to appeal District Judge Robert Shelby’s ruling that Amendment 3 and other Utah laws barring same-sex marriage are unconstitutional.

A press conference will include plaintiffs, activists and equality supporters and attendees will also deliver letters of support.

The event will take place Friday, January 10, at 12:30 p.m. at the Utah Capitol Rotunda.

A Facebook event page is set up here.

The petition is titled, “Let it stand, governor!” and currently has 41,141 signatures, the vast majority from Utah.

“Please help us show the governor and the Sutherland Institute that they are simply out of touch with reality and that the majority of Utahns think we should embrace the 21st century and allow equal rights to everyone,” the petition reads.

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  1. Unfortunately, in Utah, Kathy, equal rights is a name only marketing scheme to make all outsiders (Gentiles) think that Utah is a place of kind, reasoned care for one another. The majority party (and by extension, the LDS Church) has no plan, whatsoever, to relinquish their hold on making you conform to their ideals. The only way that these kinds of asinine, mean-spirited laws will be completely struck down, is if non-LDS persons either move into the state, or non-LDS population growth from within finally pushes the narrow-minded folks right out of the political arena. I lived there 17+ years and only witnessed very marginal growth in this area and it was confined to the non-LDS dominated areas, such as Park City, Price and Salt Lake City. The rest of the state goes about it's merry old, hateful ways with a smarmy grin on its face. I hope I live long enough to see the Hispanic population outnumber the Mormons in Utah and the first order of business they enact is to name Spanish as the Official State language, shoving a Golden Spike into the arrogance of the current champions of this kind of insecure, hatefulness. If you knew how much money was spent out of public coffers to promulgate, defend and appeal these kinds of laws, during my time in the State, your head would spin. That a Federal Judge has had the sack to make the original ruling on Gay Marriage just tickles me to no end. Give it up Utahns of a certain persuasion, the end is near and you know it.

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