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HIV dating website HIV-Single.com recently partnered with HIV and Gay, a Facebook page designed to build a larger community of gay HIV singles worldwide (Facebook.com/HIVandGAY). The goal of the partnership is to celebrate life and love, and to create a supportive community of out and proud HIV-positive gay singles.

HIV-Single.com is available to both straight and gay HIV-positive singles, but this new partnership with HIV and Gay is designed to support their gay community and members. While HIV-Single.com creates an open environment for HIV singles, this Facebook page allows for a new opportunity for friendship and fun in an interactive online environment.

“Gay or straight, it can be a challenge to talk openly about your HIV-positive status. At HIV-Single.com we celebrate life and love, and support our HIV singles by creating an online community where you can be positive and proud — with no shame and no judgment.” HIV-Single.com reads.

When diagnosed with HIV, many individuals fear their dating and love lives are over, and they find it a challenge to talk with their friends and family about the changes in their life. By creating an online community where gay HIV singles can come together at HIV and Gay, individuals feel less alone in their journey.

HIV-Single.com has members of all races, cultures, religions, beliefs, hobbies and interests. If one is an HIV-positive single looking to make friends, flirt or find love visit HIV-Single.com to learn more about this free dating site. To learn more about their partnership with the HIV and Gay community, simply log on to Facebook and type “HIV and Gay” into the search bar.

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