Utah bill would raise funds to fight same-sex marriage on income tax forms

Merrill F. Nelson, R-Grantsville
Merrill F. Nelson, R-Grantsville
Rep. Merrill F. Nelson, R. Grantsville, has submitted House Bill 78 titled, “Marriage Defense Fund,” that would collect money to fight District Judge Robert Shelby’s ruling on same-sex marriage.

“This bill creates the Marriage Defense Fund and provides for an income tax contribution to the Marriage Defense Fund,” the long title reads.

The Marriage Defense Fund would consist of private contributions, donations and grants from public or private entities, legislature-approved allocations, and would allow a Utah taxpayer to check a box and add contribute when they file their taxes.

The Fund would be used to pay litigation and appellate expenses, including expenses of hiring outside legal counsel, to defend Utah’s anti-marriage equality laws. It could also be used to market the Fund’s existence.

There is no word on any possible attempts to amend the bill to include a second check box to donate to the Restore Our Humanity legal fund.

Nelson’s top contributors in the most recent election were the Utah Education Association, House Majority Leader Brad Dee, Utah Association of Realtors, and Spencer Eccles, along with Republican Party funding.

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  1. Ok legislative scholars how do we go about getting a box to check on the state tax forms? Mr. Debakas ?

  2. I will writing on my form no I don't donate to bigots and asking tax payers to me is a negative impact on our families who are lgbt just stupid

  3. I would also check no. I like them doing this better than just taking tax money, at least this way we don't have to pay to fight ourselves. I personally enjoy spending my tax fairy money on fun stuff, but if people want to waste money on hate it is their choice…that's what I fight for everyone's freedom even the dumbasses .

  4. Why not let the bigot pay for it. Better them than my tax dollars. The state will fight to the bitter end and I have to pay for it?! I like this idea.

  5. If his is on the ballot so should one be for Restore Our Humanity—otherwise it is discrimination…stupid R. Grantsville.

  6. Then they better not take a dime from me then! If they are going to take my money that I earned then I should be able to vote where it goes to, and I vote for higher paid wages for education.

  7. Bullshit, kiss my ass! You assholes have screwed us long enough, Raise Taxes on Congree and Obama and his Obamacare and frauding and bankrupting this country! Let's the assholes who have a problem with peoples same sex marriage pay for it themselves. Its just another rip off!!! How m much more are you going to keep taking from the middle class damned poor and forgotten! How about a bill to help the homeless, our vets living on the streets, how about impeaching Obama, congress and all the other cronies and morons making up these stupid laws, why not put good laws up to help others instead of killing people financially, losing homes, no food. Increased suicides because people dont have jobs and there are far less jobs than they try to bullshit people, how many more people are going to keep getting screwed? Get rid of Obama, Congress and the government and let the people take back their freedom and land!

  8. Yes and it is my write to tell the government I don't support bigots on my tax form it just our justice system is and always be a who has the pull on cash and we live in a very strict religious state period not surprising just don't like the idea that my tax money pays for bigot ads and etc just sad .

  9. Hath Utah officials no shame? Good God! This bill defies a word in the English language which is beyond bigot and hypocrite!!!

  10. I have him. Just tired of the people being screwed and who are they to judge and keep raising taxes, seriously look around at the homeless, the veterans out on the streets they just laid off, with no home, money oe r a place to stay, people losing there homes everyday, suicide rates going up because people can support there families and no jobs. I feel bad for all those who are hungry, women, children sleeping in cars and parks, why can't our tax money and laws go to something better?

  11. Thank you Johnathan Philly Gatto. Your right it is the GOP, I'm just tired and hurt and tired of looking around and seeing nobody shed a little positive light on suggesting good laws, helping those really in need and seeing more and more people out of jobs, homes, etc. I just wish once I could see positive feedback. That Obamacare, they dont announce it but I've seen it with my own eyes hundreds turned away and for people denied benefits right on thanksgiving day and died right in front of me. Hundreds lost their jobs just before Christmas and just from where I am and what I have seen, its sad and my heart aches from all the suffering. I would delete my first comment but I dont know how. I'm sorry.

  12. Very sad. These people have blinders on. And now they are trying to take our money. There point is if you do want to live in Utah MOVE somewhere else.

  13. Guess I'll stop paying taxes then! Screw your stupid inhumane laws. I will be pissed off if my tax money goes towards this. I encourage everyone against this law to call your legislatures and let them know how you feel about this bill. Someone needs to start a petition to show how many of us are against this bill.

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