Website spreads love stories from Utah’s 17 days of equality

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A new website has popped up in the last week, sharing the stories of the couples who were wed during the 17 day window of legal same-sex marriages in Utah.

The site, 17daysinutah.com, was started by QSaltLake reporter and assistant editor Bob Henline with the goal of showing the love and joy that was experienced between Dec. 20, 2013 and Jan. 6, 2014.

“These stories are powerful, they are heart-felt and real. I don’t understand how anyone could read these stories of love and still support using the law to rip apart these families,” said Henline.

In addition to telling their stories, the site links to Restore Our Humanity, the group behind the Kitchen v. Herbert lawsuit, and hopes to help call attention to their efforts and assist in fundraising.

Anyone married during the “17 Days in Utah” is welcome to submit their stories and photos for publication.

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